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We have a wide variety of mirror balls to brighten up any event. The hanging mirror balls use a mirror ball motor to rotate and will fill the space with glistening squares of light. Our Showtec hanging mirror balls are available to buy in a range of sizes: 20cm (8"), 30cm (12"), 40cm (16") and 50cm (20"). The Eurolite mirror ball motors are sold separately and come in a range of weight capacities to suit different sized mirror balls. Our mirror ball motors have maximum weights of 1kg, 3kg, 4kg, 10kg and 60kg. We also stock free standing mirror balls made by Cheetah. These would be good for parties or table displays. We have a 15cm (6") free standing mirror ball with LED's in the base and we have two 20cm (8") free standing mirror balls, one is sold individually and the other comes with coloured filters as part of a mirror ball kit.
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